Katahdin Hair Sheep

We chose Katahdin sheep for our farm because the Katahdin breed stays healthy with little need for grain supplements or drugs. They are meat sheep that naturally shed their winter coats in the spring, so they don't require shearing or tail docking. Information on buying lamb meat can be found on our Grass-fed meats page.

Our four foundation ewes came from John Stromquist in northern Illinois and our rams thus far have come from Tennyson neighbor Daniel Leslie and Kay Cloyd of Lexington, KY. Breeder prefixes of the granddams and grandsires of our sheep include: SWP, VJ, VN, AJN, JF, JB, NDS, BGK, PF, LSH and DLL, among others. Lambing percentages so far are 250% for adult ewes and 133% for yearlings. We are Certified in the SFCP by the Indiana Board of Animal Health and our Status Date is 1/26/2003. We will advance to the "Export Monitored" category of the SFCP in late 2008.

Our goal is to breed Katahdins that develop meaty carcasses on a medium-to-large frame while remaining healthy and comfortable with little coddling. Our lambs finish on pure pasture (plus an organic mineral/kelp mix) and the sheep live outdoors year-round. We rarely use synthetic wormers, and plan to phase them out as much as possible in favor of intelligent multi-species pasture rotation, preventative nutrition, and resistant genetics. Whether we like it or not, sheep owners are also "parasite breeders", who can create "super-worms" through the overuse of wormers. A better idea, we think, is to give such medications only if an individual animal is really struggling.

Although we are still increasing our flock size, we do have small numbers of breeding sheep available for sale. Please contact us or see the Livestock for Sale page for details.